Lanza-Musot Vineyards, Suisun Valley, CA Update: 8/23/17

Real time news from the field! Nick Lanza of Lanza Vineyards popped by the Cabernet 169 this morning to check on the grapes for us. Nick says.. “It’s looking like a good crop, weather has been great, really excited about this year’s vintage. A cool late summer so far, good temperature swings. Right now it’s a cold 57 degrees at 6:52AM PST in the vineyard. The temperature will get up in the high 80’s / low 90’s during the day. A good temp swing which will push things a long a little bit. Looking at warmer weather coming up pretty soon. Should start to push the whites along. Making boxes and getting ready to send these grapes back East!”

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Lanza-Musto Barbera



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Our Barbera is flourishing in Suisun Valley. The wine has given off notes of dark cherry, plum, and boysenberry. We used a slight amount of French Oak to enhance the supple tannins and hints of vanilla. Make sure to pick up a few cases this week to make at home! We suggest using BRL97, L-2056, and VRB yeasts. Happy Winemaking! 🙂

Compelling Wine Industry News


Lanza-Musto Vineyards and M&M Wine Grape Co. are always looking to bring you up to date and compelling industry news. We know many of you have been interested in information about the California drought. Click here for the Wines & Vines article “California Grape Vines Budding Out”, which  gives an overview of California’s bud break and how the drought has affected the 2014 harvest.

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Topping off isn’t just for barrels….

What’s going on in the vineyard?

Currently we are “topping off” our baby vines in the Lanza-Musto Vineyard! When most of you think of “topping off” you think of topping off your barrels. However, in the vineyard topping is where we cut the laterals off the growing vine. We cut all but the top three laterals and this allows the other two to become the cordons when the vine starts to mature.


What you see here are our baby Petite Verdot vines being topped off by Nick & Ricky Lanza.