Lanza-Musto Vineyards Harvest Dates

Sauvignon Blanc: Arriving at Musto Wine Grape around 9/14/17

Chardonnay: Arriving at Musto Wine Grape around 9/14/17

Muscat Cannelli: Arriving at Musto Wine Grape around 9/14/17

Merlot:Arriving at Musto Wine Grape around 9/14/17

Barbera: Arriving at Musto Wine Grape around 9/14/17

Petite Sirah: Arriving at Musto Wine Grape around 9/14/17

Primitivo: Arriving at Musto Wine Grape around 9/14/17

Malbec: Arriving at Musto Wine Grape around 9/14/17

Ron Lanza of Lanza-Musto Vineyards in Suisun Valley Shared His Harvest Rituals….

As harvest begins we chatted quickly with some of our growers about these harvest traditions. Some of them might surprise you….

Ron Lanza of Lanza-Musto Vineyards in Suisun Valley Shared His Harvest Rituals:
Which grapes do you harvest first? Sauvignon Blanc
Do you have any traditional harvest meals or snacks? McDonalds is our harvest snack of choice
Any other fun harvest traditions? We have a relaxing family dinner before the craziness starts!

LMV Update in the Sauvignon Blanc Vineyard 08/31/17

More news from Nick Lanza “It’s 4:30 pm and a relatively mild afternoon at 88 degrees. The last five days have been mid to upper 90s, and the next three days are forecasted to be 100+. Whites will be hitting the road very soon!”

Lanza-Musot Vineyards, Suisun Valley, CA Update: 8/23/17

Real time news from the field! Nick Lanza of Lanza Vineyards popped by the Cabernet 169 this morning to check on the grapes for us. Nick says.. “It’s looking like a good crop, weather has been great, really excited about this year’s vintage. A cool late summer so far, good temperature swings. Right now it’s a cold 57 degrees at 6:52AM PST in the vineyard. The temperature will get up in the high 80’s / low 90’s during the day. A good temp swing which will push things a long a little bit. Looking at warmer weather coming up pretty soon. Should start to push the whites along. Making boxes and getting ready to send these grapes back East!”

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Check out that Cabernet 169 Cabernet from Lanza-Musto Vineyards! The Cabernet 169 is a French clone that came to the US and was planted by UC Davis in 2003. Since then, it has been gaining popularity in all the major Cabernet growing regions, especially on Mount Veeder. It has good berry size, high vigor, and a well-balanced acid to sugar ratio. The wine can be higher in alcohol depending on the winemaking style. It was created to produce a big and bold Cabernet with intense complexity. The color is a vibrant, deep red. The mouth feel tends to be bold and linger. This grape is definitely for the adventurous winemaker.

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A Taste of Italy from Lanza Musto Vineyards


{Lanza-Musto Brunello Clone Sangiovese going through veraison}

Can’t make it to Tuscany this year? Don’t worry, you can make some fabulous Sangiovese right here in the US! Lanza-Musto Vineyards has been producing Brunello Clone Sangiovese for the past 4 vintages. One of the big reasons we planted this varietal is because the valley provides hot days and cool nights. The temperature can swing over 50 degrees depending on the time of year. Sangiovese eats this type of weather up! This high producing varietal soaks up the sun and enjoys the break under the cool night air.

When producing Sangiovese wines keep in mind that even though it is a bold tasting wine, it can easily be overtaken by oak infusions. Both the Musto Wine Grape Co. and Winemaker Magazine suggest using small amounts of oak or aging your wine in neutral barrels. The oak flavoring can overpower the wine and you will lose the delicate acidity and  bright cherry notes that Sangiovese is known for. Also, blending in a little LMV Barbera or Merlot can help give it a little extra structure and complexity. 

Since Sangiovese originated in Italy, the wines pair famously with anything tomatobased. We suggest pasta, pizza, or any meat dishes that have a tomato sauce. Frank Musto from Musto Wine Grape Co., LLC. personally enjoys his Sangiovese with Pepe’s Pizza from New Haven, CT or a great Chicken Marsala.

Sangiovese is one of the hottest up and coming varietals being produced in the United States. Make sure to secure your order of Brunello Clone Sangiovese for Fall 2016. You will not be disappointed!

Cheers and Happy Winemaking!


{Lanza-Musto Brunello Clone Sangiovese ready to ship to Musto Wine Grape Company}