Topping off isn’t just for barrels….

What’s going on in the vineyard?

Currently we are “topping off” our baby vines in the Lanza-Musto Vineyard! When most of you think of “topping off” you think of topping off your barrels. However, in the vineyard topping is where we cut the laterals off the growing vine. We cut all but the top three laterals and this allows the other two to become the cordons when the vine starts to mature.


What you see here are our baby Petite Verdot vines being topped off by Nick & Ricky Lanza.


Lanza Cabernet Sauvignon Harvest

Hello from the vineyard! These past few days we have been harvesting the Lanza Cabernet Sauvignon to be transported to M&M Wine Grape Co in Hartford, CT. Cabernet Sauvignon made from these grapes hold up to any type of food. They have a strong tannic structure complimented by juicy flavors. We suggest pairing these wines with a bold yeast to truly express the pallet pleasing complexity of these grapes. Below are photos from the field. We hope you are enjoying the inside look into the Lanza-Musto Vineyards Harvest 2012.

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M&M Wine Grape Co. ~

Ron Lanza will be in CT!!

M&M will be hosting Ron Lanza on our docks this weekend. Stop by to speak to Ron about the Suisun Valley grape harvest and the Lanza Musto Vineyard project. He is looking forward to speaking with you and pouring wines from Suisun Valley. Here is loading a truck with his very own grapes he will be sending to CT.