Ron Lanza of Lanza-Musto Vineyards in Suisun Valley Shared His Harvest Rituals….

As harvest begins we chatted quickly with some of our growers about these harvest traditions. Some of them might surprise you….

Ron Lanza of Lanza-Musto Vineyards in Suisun Valley Shared His Harvest Rituals:
Which grapes do you harvest first? Sauvignon Blanc
Do you have any traditional harvest meals or snacks? McDonalds is our harvest snack of choice
Any other fun harvest traditions? We have a relaxing family dinner before the craziness starts!

Voted “Best Winery to Visit” in Suisun Valley, CA


Wooden Valley Winery was voted “Best Winery to Visit” in Suisun Valley. This comes as no surprise to the staff at M&M Wine Grape Co. The grapes, people, and wines are wonderful! The Lanza family works hard throughout the year to bring you some of the best grapes California has to offer. The Wooden Valley Tasting Room mirrors that passion, bringing the best winery experience to those who live in Suisun Valley and visitors from all over the world. Click here to read more about why Wooden Valley was chosen as the “Best Winery to Visit” by The Daily Republic. Also, check out Wooden Valley Winery’s website to attend events and hear about tasting specials. We looked today and saw that “Food Truck Fridays” are starting up! If only we could all live in California…..


Lanza Vineyards Chardonnay

According to The Wine Institute, Chardonnay is “far and away the most popular wine in the U.S,”  and Lanza Vineyards is shipping some to you!

Lanza Vineyards Chardonnay

Lanza Vineyards Chardonnay

The Lanza Chardonnay was planted in 1996 in 8 x 10 vineyard blocks. It is Clone 9 on  St. George rootstock. The grapes are grown in the cool climate area of Suisun Valley, CA. It see fabulous fog in the morning, hot days, and cool nights – just what Chardonnay likes.

Lanza Vineyard Chardonnay

Lanza Vineyards Chardonnay

The Chardonnay was harvested at around 23.5-24.5 degrees brix. Try adding some French Oak to your Chardonnay during aging to create that delicateness which Chardonnay is known for. There are many ways to add this infusion of flavor. French Oak dust, chips, staves and barrels can be used. However, if you prefer a crisper Chardonnay with bright apple notes, age your wine in stainless steel to keep the wine fresh and vibrant!

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Christina’s Tips: Try out these Chardonnays for some winemaking inspiration!   2010 Wooden Valley Chardonnay: it has  hints of crisp apples and sweet pears, 2010 Cold Creek Ranch Chardonnay from Laird Family Estates:  with notes of  honeysuckle and white blossom, 2009 Napa Carneros Ceja Chardonnay:  has a kiwi, marzipan, and crème brulee flavor profile, Las Pierres: with lemon-lime and bright acidity, and Three Sticks 2009 Durell Vineyard Chardonnay: well rounded with elegant fruit flavor.