Voted “Best Winery to Visit” in Suisun Valley, CA


Wooden Valley Winery was voted “Best Winery to Visit” in Suisun Valley. This comes as no surprise to the staff at M&M Wine Grape Co. The grapes, people, and wines are wonderful! The Lanza family works hard throughout the year to bring you some of the best grapes California has to offer. The Wooden Valley Tasting Room mirrors that passion, bringing the best winery experience to those who live in Suisun Valley and visitors from all over the world. Click here to read more about why Wooden Valley was chosen as the “Best Winery to Visit” by The Daily Republic. Also, check out Wooden Valley Winery’s website to attend events and hear about tasting specials. We looked today and saw that “Food Truck Fridays” are starting up! If only we could all live in California…..


A taste of Italy in Suisun Valley

20140117-081950.jpgCan’t make it to Tuscany this year? Don’t worry; you can make some fabulous Sangiovese right here in the US! Lanza-Musto Vineyards has been producing Brunello Clone Sangiovese for the past 2 vintages. There are over 14 different Sangiovese clones that exist but the Brunello truly flourishes in Tuscany and Suisun Valley. Also, the Brunello clone has been said to be the best clone of Sangiovese vines.

One of the big reasons we planted this variety is because the valley provides hot days and cool nights. The temperature can swing over 50 degrees depending on the time of year. Sangiovese eats this type of weather up! This high producing variety soaks up the sun and enjoys the break under in the cool night air.

As is always said in winemaking, you need great grapes to make great wine. Well now that you are starting off with the best Sangiovese clone, it is time to move on to the best yeast. Below are the top four yeasts used when producing Sangiovese.

BM45: BM45 is used because Sangiovese is slightly higher in acid and it helps to mellow out the mouth feel of the wine. BM45 highlights the polysaccharides and you will create a wine full of rich earthiness, jammy fruits, and spice.

BM 4×4: The BM 4X4 creates the same mouth feel and flavor profile as BM45. However, the BM 4X4 was created to adapt to stressful fermentation situations. If you do not have a temperature controlled environment for your winemaking we suggest utilizing BM 4X4. It will give you a fantastic flavor profile while being reliable and easy to work with.

VRB: VRB is a yeast that is used for Tempranillo and Sangiovese. VRB brings out jams, dried plum, and hazelnut in the wine’s mouth feel.The mouth feel is similar to that of a wine made with BM45 or BM 4X4 but the VRB can create a bolder wine with up to 17% alcohol assuming the starting Brix are high enough.

D254: D254 is a Rhone variety yeast that has the ability to produce a wine with up to 16% alcohol (again assuming the sugar content is there) D254 will produce a wine with jammy, spice, and cedar characteristics on the nose and pallet.

Sangiovese is one of the hottest up and coming varietals being produced in the United States. Click here and make sure to secure your order of Brunello Clone Sangiovese for Fall 2014. You will not be disappointed!

Cheers and Happy Winemaking

The Vineyard Experience

M&M Wine Grape Co. & Lanza Vineyards have a long-standing history of providing quality products and customer service to the home winemaker and winery industry. Therefore, it is only natural for them to strengthen their relationship by embarking on a business venture together.

Frank Musto and Ron Lanza met several years back, at the Wineries Unlimited Convention in March of 2007.  There was plenty of interest around the Suisun Valley booth. Frank spoke to Ron at the convention about the possibility of shipping their product back East. During the conversation Ron had mentioned that he had never packed in 36lb boxes to ship back to the East Coast. Frank visited Ron on his annual trip to California in June to discuss this further. Once arriving in Suisun, Ron introduced Frank to the gorgeous vineyards and they started drafting ways to ship the fruit back East.

Frank realized the potential Suisun Valley had to offer with its high quality fruit, growing conditions, proximity to Napa and the Lanza’s dedication to quality farming practices. The two worked for the next several months on the logistics of how to get the grapes picked, packed, cooled, gassed, and shipped back to the East Coast. The rest is history. Frank and Ron have grown to become not only great business associates but also great friends. They decided to venture into a new vineyard project together to offer varieties that weren’t planted in the valley and to extend the two brands.

This year you will be receiving fruit from their new vineyard project, Lanza Musto Vineyards. This vineyard was planted in 2009. Now you can experience the planting of the second installment of the vineyard project.  Here we will be posting photos of the second vineyard’s progress. You will be able to follow the evolution of the vineyard from the minute it is planted, through all of its growth stages, and finally, harvest. We are very excited to share the experience of this venture with you!

Ron and I would like to say thank you to all of our loyal and enthusiastic customers. It’s through your support and encouragement that we have been able to embark on these new ventures. Thank you.


Lanza Musto Vineyards

Ron Lanza  & Frank Musto