Check out that Cabernet 169 Cabernet from Lanza-Musto Vineyards! The Cabernet 169 is a French clone that came to the US and was planted by UC Davis in 2003. Since then, it has been gaining popularity in all the major Cabernet growing regions, especially on Mount Veeder. It has good berry size, high vigor, and a well-balanced acid to sugar ratio. The wine can be higher in alcohol depending on the winemaking style. It was created to produce a big and bold Cabernet with intense complexity. The color is a vibrant, deep red. The mouth feel tends to be bold and linger. This grape is definitely for the adventurous winemaker.

For more information please visit Musto Wine Grape Company’s website

2 thoughts on “CABERNET CLONE 169 – WHY IT’S AWESOME!

  1. To whom it may concern:
    I have been making wine with Lanza grapes for about 5 years now. I wanted to try the Cabernet 169 this year. Does this grape have to be blended with the Koch Cabernet S. or can it stand alone? Also my wine group is in Mars PA just north of Pittsburgh PA. What is the earliest date that this grape will be available for delivery. My concern is that I will be going on vacation Oct 14th and I want to make sure we can crush and press before then.

    Luigi Mascio

  2. Hi Lugi,

    The Cabernet 169 can definitely stand on it’s own, but adding the Koch is a very good blend. In terms of delivery you will need to speak to your distributor regarding delivery dates and times.


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